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Superior Clothing Branding.

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A Bit About Us

Getting it Right.



The number one complaint people bring us is how they used some other company and they got it wrong.  We are motivated to do it right and keep you happy.  We have a system of checks so that along the production path you know exactly where we are and what we are doing, right up to final production.

What We Do

Our Services

Primal is a hybrid print shop offering you the advantages of automated printing and manual printing in one location. We have onsite talent to take your idea from concept to completion.  And kick its butt too.  


A monster A.W.T. pneumatic auto resides in our shop.  This machine is designed for speed.  If you have a large job you need done, we can handle it.   5 colors, with a capable print size of 17 inches by 20 inches.  Let's print some shirts.

If you need hundreds or thousands, this is the machine.

Automated Screen Printing

For Mind-Blowing Volume

Utilizing an 8 station, 8 color manual we can handle the most demanding of requests.  With a maximum print size of about 15 inches wide by 17 inches long, it is a workhorse.

Minimum runs start at just 24 

pieces, compared to most co's

that start at 72.


Manual Screen Printing

For Touch, Clarity, and Innovation

Striped Envelopes


Let's get you stitched up!

Thread is the word when it comes

to hats, jackets, or bags.  We are

thrilled to provide you with quality

digitizing and impressive stitch-outs.

Minimum runs start at just 12 pieces, and we can handle all the 

volume you need.


Graphic Design & Illustration

You have an idea, we have the skills to visualize it.

Experience is key.  With decades

of hands-on design knowledge, we

are not limited to just t-shirts.  

If you need branding, ad pages, business cards, trade-show exhibits... or just about anything visual ...  we can do that for you.

Reasonable rates.  

Impressive results.

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The Proof is in the

You can tell people how good you are all you like, but the real proof is showing them.

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Ask a question, request a quote

Success! We heard you!

Sorry folks!  We do not accept supplied garments for printing.

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